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TNT's mission in Nevis School is to advocate for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) curriculum in classes, educate and inform students about current technology challenges and opportunities for our program and region, and entertain with interactive robot demos across FIRST, VEX, and LEGO robotics.


We are committed to be a student forward, mentor supported team, where 'failure' is taught as a positive.



  • Neo motors- These motors are brushless, very lightweight, and strong. They operate more effectively and there is no need to replace them as often. These motors come pre programed.


  • Elevator- This is a  3 stage elevator made with 1x2 inch aluminum tubing. It extends to 76 inches. Its starting length is 27 ½ inches.


  • Washing machine- It holds five 7 inch balls. The washing machine is 20 inches in diameter. It spins counter clockwise and indexes the balls for fast shooter action.


  • Collector- The collector is made of 3 pieces of hex shaft and 15 hex wheels. It uses the bumpers to collect balls.


  • Shooter- The shooter is made of a hex shaft, 4 hex wheels, and 2 flywheels. As the washing machine spins there’s a trigger that hits the balls into the shooter.

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