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3102 Commits to Coding in Java

*Success with Romi trainers*

3102 made some amazing goals this season. Building a program that reaches EVERY Nevis student K-6, educating a team that is 67% new members, and learning to code in Java just to name a few. Using Java to program our robot has long been a goal of the team, with so many new faces, it became not an issue of retaching a programming skill, but just teaching Java. To help us in our quest, the team purchased 3 Romi programmable mini bots. 

The Romi has become a great tool for our young members. They have assembled and programmed the Romi to many things, such as navigate a maze in our workshop. The bonus is that the code is very relatable to Java and transfers understandably to our FRC full size robot. And besides, they are pretty fun! Look for us to start including these little guys in our 8th grade BigBrainSTEM curriculum in the future.


  • Java- Java is a new step for us since we have always used LabView. Using this, we can do much more than what we could using the previous programming language. Java is also being used to program our new Romi’s.


  • Romi- Romi is a little robot that you can use to test code. This robot is good if you are learning the basics of  Java code. There is a template that has pre-written code that you can look over and change. 


  • Wiring the robot- Wiring the robot is a messy job. It takes time, patience, and planning. This year we have limited space for wiring  the robot.



Adventures in JavaLand

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