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Week 0

 Week 0

February 18, 2023

— Bemidji H.S., MN

Bemidji  HS (Bemidji MN)

FIRST Ladies T3 Event

Event for the robotics females to create networking and relationships across the northern tier of MN-This year’s focus, ‘Gender Bias’

Teams Attending - 24

Estimated Attendance - 300

Geographic Accessibiltiy

Team 3102 is committed to making  FIRST accessible to everyone in the northern reaches of the state. By providing events locally, such as our Week 0,  we are pushing for equality of opportunity in Minnesota. This has been an important piece of what we do as a robotics team. It is part of our mission to be ‘more than’  in robotics. We have hosted Week 0 combined with the T3 FIRST Ladies Event for the past 6 years. Alongside this, 3102 has been working jointly with the Northern Minnesota Robotics Conference(NMRC). For the past 4 years, we have worked to further create a network of geographically accessible events. In doing this, the NMRC and 3102 have created a mobile Andymark field and Week 0 is now outsourced to teams in our conference that would like to host an event. This year, RoboJacks, of Bemidji, MN are the official host. 

Hosting allows communities to get a first hand look at robotics and become educated about FIRST. This event gives teams the opportunity to run their robot on an official field and interact with the elements of the game prior to a Regional Event. The NMRC teams worked together to build all of the elements that are part of this year's game, Charged Up.

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