John Merila

(Class of '18)

'Solid Teammate & Leader'

Mentor Memories

John is always there to do whatever is asked of him and more! He is ready to help and contribute solutions in a calm and thoughtful way  He is a. Solid robotics teammate and leader!

Brandon Mountjoy

(Class of '17)

'What A Driver!'

Mentor Memories

Brandon made us laugh with his quick witted sense of humor. It was a joy to watch him drive. When he was on, the robot was an extension of his hands and he could do amazing things with that robot! He always wanted to win and did not want to accept anything less.

Alison Booker

(Class of '16)

'Safety Queen!'

Mentor Memories

Ali had total control in and around the pit.  She was a fantastic representative for our team and community and never lost her cool in competition.  She laid the foundation for us to continue a safety program.

Mckenzie Harris

(Class of '15)

'My Favorite Activity'

Mentor Memories

Mac was a true leader and competitor.  When we were in a round I always had total confidence that Mac would perform and she could adapt and make strategic decisions that were good decisions.

Brett Johnson

(Class of '14)

'Invaluable Experience'

Mentor Memories

He always wanted to pull the team toward the future. New technologies were no concern, it was just another challenge.

Aaron Halik

(Class of '13)

'Drive it like you stole it!'

Mentor Memories

Aaron was never worried about what he couldn’t do.  Many times I would think “Why is he doing that?” and it would work out.

Aaron’s stood out as a driver, he was one of the best at improvising during competition.

Austin Rittgers

(Class of '12)

'Incredible Work Ethic'

Mentor Memories

Austin never seemed to be rattled. He had an incredible work ethic and would see a situation and work diligently to get it done.

Logan Gooch

(Class of '11)

'Split Second Decisions'

Mentor Memories

Logan had the ability to see a situation and process multiple solutions calmly and thoughtfully.

Matt Meyer

(Class of '10)

'Cool and Confident'

Mentor Memories

Mr. Cool. Always showed confidence in a quirky kind of way. The quiet leader of the team. Not to say he was quiet.

Gerald thomas

(Class of '09)

'First Team Captain'

Mentor Memories

The original and first leader of team 3102.  He researched for hours on what we needed to do and how to do it. Without his leadership and drive, I don’t feel that we would have had the success we had our first year.




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