Since founding, TNT has inspired our school and community at many events.

In 2016, TNT:
Spent 2,000+ hours combined on robotics
Inspired 8 new sponsors
Inspired 200 students through community, school, and extracurricular activities
Integrated robotics at the junior high and elementary levels
In 2017, TNT:
Mentored two rookie FRC teams
Succeeded in achieving STEM gender equality! 2 in 3 TNT members are female.
Launched Version 3 of TNT's Website, "Inspire".
Developed the B.U.I.L.D. program to define TNT's values and outreach efforts.
Revamped our business plan and entrepreneurship efforts
Founded the Northern MN FRC Alliance
Thank you for your help!




210 Pleasant St. W

PO Box 138

Nevis MN 56467

(1-218) 652-3500 ext. 168

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School Board Chair Ed Becker, 2015

"I think it's probably one of the better programs we have here. This really fills a void for industrial and electronic programs that are needed in Nevis, and that it expands the possibilities of graduates to pursue the careers they are interested in."